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Law Firm Referral Management and Staffing Software

Keep all client matters in the firm and all attorneys busy

Streamline Intra-Firm Referrals and Quickly Staff Projects

Tired of sending client matters to other firms while your own attorneys fail to hit their billable hours? We can help.

Your Entire Firm on One Interactive Network

Your firm will have its own, internal, interactive directory, allowing attorneys to quickly find and connect with one another, whether in the office or on the go.

Send & Receive Referrals

Quickly send client referrals to all relevant attorneys at the firm at one time, facilitating a seamless connection with the best attorney for the matter.

Staff Projects and Find Work

Effortlessly staff projects by connecting attorneys who need help with attorneys looking for work, ensuring that you never have an attorney sitting idle again.

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Managing Referrals and Staffing Projects Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!

Don’t believe us? Request a quick, no-pressure, online demonstration today!